The Effects Of Exposure On Substance Usage Essay

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4.1 Findings and Discussion: 4.1.1. High exposure to substance usage: The theme of exposure to substance usage is one found within the speech of many of participants within the conducted interview sessions. It is important to note that every single participants within the study claimed to have been exposed to substance use, abuse and dependency to some degree, and indeed many participants claimed to have used substances themselves. Also noteworthy is that participants seemed unsurprised by these high levels of exposure. [Participant Group 2] INT: Have you ever been exposed to someone who uses substances in your life? Doesn 't necessarily have to be an abuser it can be just using? Um...Yeah we 'll start with just that, but it 's a two point question. Do you have anyone in your life that you would identify as using, or that have used, substances? H: Definitely, (laughs) quite a few people. INT: And what range of substances are there that they use? H: It varies, it goes from fairly mild things like just alcohol and cigarettes to extremes like addictive substances like cocaine and stuff, KAT etc. As can be seen from the extract above the types of substances participants report to have been exposed to varies from common everyday substances (i.e. alcohol and cigarettes) to illegal and highly addictive substances such as cocaine or ketamine. This begs the question as to how this extreme level of exposure to substance use, abuse and dependency shapes the social constructions
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