Substance Abuse On The Family

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Introduction Substance abuse is an issue that continues to grow in America at an alarming rate. Families are an important factor for the onset of substance abuse as well as the sustainment of the addiction (Gruber & Taylor, 2006). The National Institute of Drug Abuse defines substance abuse as “A chronic disease characterized by drug seeking and use that is compulsive, or difficult to control, despite harmful consequences” (“Understanding Drug Use and Addiction,” 2016). In order to prevent relapse, success is found in the formation of familial and social relationships (Baharudin et al., 2014). Substance abuse is a major stressor in the family system and it not only impacts the family’s relationships with those outside of the family but…show more content…
Statement of Problem Recent literature has noted the impact drug use has on the family system and the many diverse relationships that occur within the family. However, research surrounding drug use and its impact on sibling relationships is lacking. Sibling relationships are an important dynamic of a family system, therefore it is important to research how drug use impacts these relationships as well. Purpose of The Study The present study wishes to describe the impact that general opiate drug use has on sibling relationships as a qualitative level. While literature surrounding the impact of drug use on the family system is prominent, the present study wishes to bridge the gap in substance abuse literature and family relationships by extending the research to focus solely on sibling relationships. Research Question How does general opiate drug use impact sibling relationships? Literature Review Substance abuse within the U.S. is growing at a fast pace with 100 people dying everyday from drug overdoses, a rate that has almost tripled in numbers in the last 20 years. (“Addiction Statistics,” 2017). While research is extensive surrounding substance abuse in its most general sense, in recent years research has expanded to the family members of individuals with substance abuse issues and the toll that substance abuse takes on the family (Selbekk, Sagvaag, & Fauske, 2015). Literature on this topic notes that alcohol or
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