Substance Abuse Throughout Nursing : An Overview

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Substance Abuse in Nursing Lindsy Ekart, Mikah Wolf, Danielle Malm, Natalie Koch, Sina Carwell, and Melissa Ouverson Washburn University When a person bears the responsibility of embodying selflessness, compassion, empathy, loyalty, advocacy, patience, commitment, and integrity continuously in the face of suffering, they often carry an immense load upon their shoulders. It is a weight which few but the brave can carry. To remove one’s self from the comfort of partiality and to place themselves into the hands of a sick patient without restraint is a beautiful ideal. It may seem flamboyant phrasing, but that symbolizes what a nurse is; becoming a servant to the needs of others before their own, someone who never stops choosing it. But sometimes the system fails even the strongest of soldiers; leading them down a dark and slippery path which holds the deceitful promise of peace. Sometimes the unceasing trials that nurses face on a daily basis is more than they are able to cope with inside. They may wake up to find that this path they have chosen, which was once beautiful and rewarding, no longer holds any joy for them. They are overworked and understaffed, often pushing them to search for coping mechanisms they would not normally resort to. That leads us to the topic of this discussion. Substance abuse is an ever-growing monster in the closet. A monster lurking in the shadows, seeking desperately to swallow up the ambitions of well-intentioned lives,
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