Success Through a Foreign Language

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These are a couple of readings that I have been asked to do for our friends from Russia who visited with us as a part of the Children of Chernobyl Program. I'm going to read a short selection from a motivational book called "Insight". This particular reading has to do with the importance of understanding and using foreign languages that might be appropriate to the Russian students, because, certainly, we're living in a world that is getting smaller and smaller and we're going to have to be able to communicate in more than one language if we are going to be successful. The second reading is from ... it's the first chapter of a book by Jane Carlson who is the President of Scandinavian Airlines. It's
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In addition, it's difficult to pick up subtleties of communication. Taylor hasn't found the use of interpreters to be the answer in these situations either. In fact, most linguists and business people agree with him that the potential for miscommunication is great when using interpreters. Not only have most foreign interpreters learnt British English, but also they are often faced with time constraints in order to keep the conversation flowing. As a result, they tend to encapsulate their translations opening the door for more errors. Having an edge in the international market place means meeting its language needs and staying current with the global changes. Currently, Taylor Associates lacks French and Spanish speakers - a fact that has lost it valuable business opportunities in several rapidly developing foreign markets. For example, without French-speaking employees the doors have been closed to the company in the countries of North Africa where there's a strong market for health systems analysts. Similarly, lacking Spanish-speaking employees, Taylor Associates has lost out in Latin America where public health systems are developing at a swift rate.
John Snow, on the other hand, owes much of its success to a ready supply of foreign language speakers. The company's combination of expertise in the growing field of public health and the Spanish and French-speaking employees has allowed it to bring its business to approximately