Success of Al Jazeera English in Pakistan's Media

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Despite Pakistan’s opposition at the time, a 2008 survey was taken on Pakistani media preference and provided a belief that Al Jazeera English would find success with the country. Surprisingly, news stations were watched more frequently and on a regular basis over entertainment channels and networks. Pakistan is known for a high volume of individuals and families that are wealthy, educated, and urban. This demographic has been proven to be more likely to watch the news. It was also found that rural and low income Pakistanis also chose satellite television over state-run media. On top of that, 70 percent of Pakistan’s general population have access to satellite in their residences, paving a clear way for Al Jazeera’s success in this particular area of the world.

This day and age, there are a large number of networks covering world news. From Al Jazeera to CNN, there is a variety to pick and choose from. Though similar in the topics the networks cover, discuss, and air, they all have a different approach in presentation. Al Jazeera English’s website covered The “Park 51 Mosque” Controversy. It has also been referred to as the “Ground Zero Mosque”. There was a proposal to build an Islamic center, on 51 Park Place, costing near $100 million. It was to be located in Manhattan, New York. This became a national and global controversy regarding the September 11th terrorist attack. “Some Sept. 11 victims’ families and others view the proposed mosque site -- in a building

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