Sue's Parenting

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The optimal parenting style for child development, authoritative, can be seen in Sue’s parenting. Authoritative parenting, characterized by high warmth and control, is seen in parenting when rules and expectations are set, but these are discussed with the children before setting them into place (Kail & Cavanaugh, 2016, p. 238). Consequences for breaking these rules, or not meeting expectations, are fair and doled out only when necessary, and the children are given support by their parents that allow them to flourish as much as possible (Kail & Cavanaugh, 2016, p. 238). This is true for Sue, as she has set goals for her teenager that range from passing her classes with at least a B, to doing chores that were previously discussed with her on certain days, which are posted on a daily schedule on the refrigerator in clear view. If these expectations are not met, Sue’s daughter is given a calm description of how she did not achieve what was expected of her, and another chance is then given. If she repeats the mistake a second time, the daughter is grounded from using her phone or going out with friends for a certain period of time that matches the severity of the mistake. It is worth noting that the daughter is highly successful in school, earning …show more content…

However, unlike with Sean’s children, the daughter is also highly respectful of her mother and with guests such as myself, even offering me a glass of tea when I was at the house giving the interview. She understands that her mom has good intentions with regards to her parenting, and she brings things to her mom on a routine basis. Authoritative parenting typically produces secure attachment, and this is true for this case as well. It is a great thing that Sue shares this attachment with her daughter because this means that her daughter can trust her and can be even more productive in her life, realizing her mom has her back in all of her

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