Synthesis Essay On Authoritative Parenting

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Children, and people in general, are who they are because of their parents. The manner in which a child is raised will resonate with them for the rest of their lives. If a parent is too overprotective, the child may lack autonomy and self-confidence. But if a parent is too distant, the child may be more prone to act out and defy authority. The sweet spot is authoritative parenting, one in which there is an open relationship with regulations but communication. In fact, authoritative parenting is the most successful independent of the age, behavior, and situation. The parenting style may need to be slightly altered in some cases, but it is all a form of authoritative. In order to successfully raise a child, regardless of the situation and relationship, the key factor is trust. As a young child, parents need to assume an authoritarian role, but with the love and compassion of a permissive parent. As Source B describes, the authoritarian side will assert dominance and teach children basic right from wrong while the permissive style will allow a young child to feel secure and loved. This will teach the child …show more content…

Even a set of twins may need to be parented completely different. For example, an insolent child who constantly disobeys authority would require more supervision and rules than a respectful child who consistently does what is asked of them. Assuming a rejecting-neglecting position and being undemanding and unsupportive, as Source E illustrates, on an out of control child, will do nothing but harm them and allow their behavior to spin out of control. For this child, a combination of authoritarian and authoritative parenting would be best. However, if authoritarian parenting was used on the respectful child, they may become “more anxious, more withdrawn and unhappier than other kids” (Source B). This could lead to being socially reclusive and constantly being fearful of what others

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