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Today, sugar is a widely used product across the world. However, if it were not for Christopher Columbus, who brought it to the Caribbean Islands in 1493, this would not have been the case. Before that point, sugar was only produced in Europe, but following Columbus’ introduction of sugar to the Caribbean, the sugar industry rapidly developed due to multiple factors. The ideal climate of the Caribbean plantations, along with the increased demand from Europe led to increased investments in the overall production of sugar. In order to grow sugar cane you need the ideal climate, hence the reason why Christopher Columbus introduced it to Jamaica and Barbados. Due to the increasing amount of sugar being grown eventually lead to the crop to become…show more content…
Two of the islands which were best fit for cane sugar’s growth were Jamaica and Barbados (Doc. 2). Their soil and yearly temperature made it so that growing the crop was easier to do. During the heyday of the sugar trade, both Jamaica and Barbados were under English rule (Doc. 1). Due to their connection with England, some of the most successful plantations were run by Englishmen. One of these Englishmen was Charles Long, who at the time, held the largest amount of Jamaican land of any English plantation owner (Doc. 7). He and others took advantage of the ideal climate of the area, making the sugar trade thrive. As plantation owners were getting wealthier, the demand for sugar was also on the…show more content…
While the discovery of the proper climate, along with the profitability for owners, were important in sugar’s growth, no industry can truly flourish without its consumers. The consumers’ growing need for the product over time made it so plantations had to meet their demands, continuing the cycle of growth. However, the consumer’s perspective was not documented among the information used in the essay. This point of view would have been helpful in further analyzing just how important the consumer’s role was in the overall success of the sugar

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