Suicide Among Female College Students Essay

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Hieu Tran
HESC 410
Professor Rehanna Mohammad
Project 1 Outline
Suicide among female college students
College campuses across the United States are fighting a silent killer that is the second leading cause of death among college students especially among women; suicide. It is shocking to see that college students are more likely to die from suicide than death caused by a combination of all other forms of medical illnesses. Despite the findings, it is possible to prevent suicide. The students that engage in the act are often desperate to live. The only challenge is that they seem to see no alternative to their problems. The rate of college student suicide has also tripled since the 1950s (College Degree Search). Even though suicidal individuals are likely to be noticed regarding their intention, most people do not take seriously the warnings, or are unaware on what to do in order to assist such persons. It is also possible to confuse a genuine discussion on suicide to imply that someone is suicidal. For this reason, understanding suicidal tendencies remains complex even though it affects college students across all age, race, ethnicity, and socio-economic boundaries.
As illustrated by Western Michigan University Suicide Prevention Program, women are more likely to develop suicidal thoughts compared to their male counterparts. There are several causes of suicide among college women. One of them is depression that is largely caused by inadequate sleep, having not or

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