Suicide In Veteran Populations

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The highest rates of suicide in Veteran populations mimic those of the general population: being male, white, and elderly (York, Lamis, Pope & Egede, 2013). Currently, available literature agrees that the top influencing factors of Veteran suicide include depression, combat experience endured, and psychiatric disorders not previously diagnosed. Historically, the incidence of suicide has been 25% lower in military personnel than in civilian peers (Kane et al., 2013). However, with prolonged and repeated deployments seen in OEF/OIF/OND, the incidence of suicide has almost doubled among U.S. Marine and Army soldiers between 2005 and 2009. Firearms, the most frequent means of completed suicide in the general adult population, account for 41% of completed suicide of all military personnel, who are routinely trained in firearm use during basic training (Johnson et al., 2013).
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