Summarization Of Feedback Shared By Colleagues

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Summarization of feedback shared by colleagues
Nurses have a central role on transforming healthcare system, which focuses on patient-centered care and deliver primary care in community setting rather than acute care setting. Nurses must have scientific knowledge and skills to provide higher quality care, minimize medical errors and promote the patient safety. Nurses have a crucial role in minimizing the rate of infection, facilitating the transition of a patient from hospital to home, prevention of diseases and promotion of health status (The national academic press, 2011). This paper summarizes the feedback shared by three nurse colleagues regarding how the practice of nursing is expected to grow and change due to the restricting of the U. S health care delivery system.
Summarization of feedback Nurses are the backbone of health care system who provide patient-centered care, holistic care, family and community-based care, patient education, preventive and wellness care and others. Since the healthcare reform of united states focuses on primary, preventive, patient-centered and community-based care, practice of nursing is expected to be more advanced, scientific and evidenced-based, which promotes the quality of care, increase patient satisfaction and maintain efficiency and effectiveness of care (American Nurses Association [ANA], 2010). According to the first nurse colleague, more nursing jobs will be available in hospitals because people are aware of healthcare system

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