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Part A: Summary and Discussion NSW English K-10 Syllabus (Board of Studies, NSW, 2012) for Speaking and Listening

The focus on oral language especially, speaking and listening, in the NSW English Syllabus K-10 is created so that language learning is recursive and develops through our expansive contexts. The resources accompanying speaking and listening ensure students are using metalanguage, phonology, morphology and syntax.

‘The aim of English in Years K–10 is to enable students to understand and use language effectively, appreciate, reflect on and enjoy the English language and to make meaning in ways that are imaginative, creative, interpretive, critical and powerful.’ (NSW Syllabus., 2012, p. 12). Educating students to become …show more content…

Children learn spoken language before they start school through their social groups and develop understandings of everyday spoken registers. Language development continues at school, involving vocabulary and access to more written-like language, which lays the foundation for learning to read.’ (Winch et al., chapter 3 p. 39). Chomsky developed the nativist theory that regards language as a distinctive human achievement, which is an innate structure of the brain. ‘Chomsky came up with the idea of the Language Acquisition Device (LAD). The LAD is a language organ that is hardwired into our brains at birth. Because of this, we are born with the ability to understand and develop language. Once a child is exposed to language, the LAD activates. It allows them to understand the rules of whatever language they are exposed to.’ (, 2013, chapter 8., Lesson 3). Chomsky emphasises that a child’s language acquisition takes place quickly and effortlessly due to the child having complete linguistic capabilities from birth and need only learn to express this capability regarding oral language. LAD relies indirectly on the language children hear, and input from those around them and serves as a trigger to syntactic structures. Speaking and listening is a crucial resource in student’s learning and literacy development. As student’s start school, there is a deliberate attention and use of metalanguage that they will be using during their schooling

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