Summary: Bartleby The Scrivener

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As a young child, every night before bedtime my mom would always sit down on the living room sofa with my sister and me, reading story after story, until it was really past our bedtime. We read pieces of literature like “Charlotte’s Web”, “The Little House on the Prairie”, “The BFG” and my favorite, “Junie B. Jones”. But at such a young age, I didn’t realize that my mom was reading these fictional stories to teach my sister and me important lessons and morals about life. It is very important to read and understand literature, and not just for reasons of pleasure. Ceridwen Dovey suggests that reading fiction “is a way of treating ourselves better” (2). I believe that by reading pieces of literature, you are becoming a better you, by learning important life lessons and qualities, both desirable and undesirable. In “Bartleby, the Scrivener”, Melville chooses to make the narrator, who is also a lawyer, a very selfish one. As readers, we realize the lawyer only considers doing charitable actions if they make him look or feel like a better person than he really is. The lawyer pats himself on the back when he employs Bartleby. He buys his own self-approval, because it hardly costs him anything. The lawyer treats Bartleby as a charity case for his own sake. After reading this novella, I …show more content…

Douglass used education as his path to freedom. As a slave, he was deprived of learning how to read and write. When he learns that being educated is his way to freedom, he begins to self-educate himself and does not give up. Douglass knew that being educated wasn’t a direct path to freedom, but having knowledge would help him and other slaves overcome the injustice that slavery was. While Douglass showed the importance of freedom for slavery issues, as readers can grasp that education is a valuable thing in everyday life, because of Douglass’ persistence to

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