Summary Of A Beautiful Mind

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The movie “A Beautiful Mind” is based on the real life story of John Nash is the famed American mathematician with mental disease. It all begins when John registered as a graduate student at Princeton University in 1948 and a recipient of the prestigious Carnegie Prize for mathematics. He became obsessed to discover his own unique mathematical theory. He met his imagining roommate named Charles a literature student and became his best friend. After successfully improving his own theory, famed as game theory, John became a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he met his wife Alicia in his class, and they got married. Alicia observed the different and erratic behavior of Nash.So she decided to inform a physician at a psychiatric hospital. Nash was admitted diagnostical as schizophrenia. During admission, the workers at the psychiatric facility were considered at Soviet kidnapper’s delusion of Nash. Alicia discovered John's letters in the postbox and were never opened. When she faces them about this fact, he finally realized that he has been hallucinating. He arrives to understand that William Parcher, Charles and his niece Marcee were all part of his hallucinations. Then, Nash is released with antipsychotic drugs after numerous shock therapies. After that, he stops taking antipsychotic drugs because the side effects of medication affect his sexual relationship with his wife, that causing a relapse of his psychosis, which nearly

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