Summary Of A Hope In The Unseen

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In the novel, “A Hope in the Unseen” written by Ron Suskind explains the journey of Cedric Jennings from the Inner City to the Ivy League. As a means of survival, having had to attend a high school in one of Washington, D.C’s most dangerous neighborhoods. Cedric Jennings has had to isolate himself from his peers so “he could stay on course and keep his sanity”(Suskind 293) in order to leave the neighborhood behind and pursue his dream of attending an Ivy League school. When he does reach his dream of attending Brown University, he still holds the idea that isolation is the key of survival. He still holds the idea that their is a battle between himself and his peers based on their different values or academic successes. As a result, conflicts erupts by the fact Cedric won't give up his past and live toward the future or the now. Eventually he realizes that “being alone doesn’t seem to be working”(Suskind 293) anymore. One of the many conflicts during Cedric Jennings first year at Brown University is with his roommate Rob Burton. Cedric and Rob come from different backgrounds with Rob being caucasian who comes from a privileged family having two doctors as parents while Cedric is an African American who is raised by a single mother in a low income neighborhood. As a result, they start to clash with one another especially since Cedric doesn't approve of Rob life choices since it seems to be everything that he had been warned about from back home. Cedric accepting Rob

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