Summary Of All Quiet On The Western Front

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The men who went into World War One risked their lives to save other innocent lives, even though they were afraid. Day by day went by, not knowing how long they would survive. All Quiet on the Western Front is about the horror, loss of innocence, and comradery of war during World War One, because it shows what war was like, and how the men and women had to cope with it. For the soldiers who were in WWI, they have to experience the horror and brutality of war everyday by fighting innocent men from the other side. They never knew when they would be able to go home. Not knowing if you would die or survive day by day would be so hard. Back then, the weapons they had wasn’t the most dependable, but they never could get close enough to do hand to hand combat. The one time there was hand to hand combat, was when Paul was stuck in a hole with a man from the opposite side. He thought the man was going to kill him, so he went and decided to stab the man in the heart. It turns out he wasn’t going to attack Paul, and Paul tried saving the man’s life. “The man gurgles. It sounds to me as though he bellows, every gasping breath is like a cry, a thunder, but it is not only my heart pounding. I want to stop his mouth, stuff it with earth, stab him again, he must be quiet, he is betraying me. Now at last I regain control of myself, but have suddenly become so feeble that I cannot anymore lift my hand against him.” (pg 217) Bellows of the horses were unbearable. Sitting there watching them

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