Summary Of America In The 2000s

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In 2000s, the 9.11 attacks triggered the Iraq War because of the suspicion of massive destructive weapons; and, America employed an overwhelming military force to defeat Iraq. After the war, an international opinion poll indicated the declining popularity of the US and skyrocketing the anti-American sentiment among Middle East countries and Islamic regions since the policy conducted aftermath in Iraq was consolidated by America’s devastating hard power. Additionally, terrorism campaign derived from anti-American sentiment and its damage were making the US weaken. It is possible to say that 2000s was significantly the era of antipathy against the American military force; hence, the US compelled to reconsider their aggressive policy in world politics. On such world…show more content…
Nye elaborates the three distinct sources of soft power: culture, political values and foreign policies; and also hypothesizes the limitation of soft power. Moreover, he interprets the altering role of military power and an interaction between hard and soft power. The confronting situation he mentioned that a balance between military and soft power is playing an important role is terrorism reinforced by global information age. Finally, he classifies today’s power in an international information era into three aspects: military power, economic power and soft power; and again he maintains the growing existence of soft power. He presumes that America will be no longer the great nation, and Asia will take place. Also, non-government institutions and groups will possess their own borderless soft power; therefore, political game in near future will depend on multiple routes of communication that define problems and diffused cultures and ideas which relate to global prevailing
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