Summary Of Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

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In this passage from “Waiting Between the Trees” from The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan illustrates how mothers sometimes lose the ability to keep their child safe due to the lack of communication. As shown in the passage, the mother struggles to communicate her emotions and feelings with her daughter due to the chasm between them, meanwhile illustrating the repetition of regret of miscommunication. The passage illustrates the great chasm that has occurred between Ying-Ying and her daughter as she struggles to communicate her feelings. When Ying-Ying first arrives at Lena’s house and is placed in the guest room which was not the best room, she decides to stay quiet and think of the, “Chinese way of thinking, the guest bedroom is the best bedroom, where she and her husband sleep. I do not tell her this”. Ying-Ying stayed quiet her whole life and even though Lena and her “shared the same body” and “part of her mind is part of” Ying-Ying’s, she struggled to communicate with her daughter to keep her safe due to her submissive nature. Ying-Ying thought back to when she was born and “she sprang away from” her “like a slippery fish” that “has been swimming away ever since.” She wants to protect Lena and “pull her to where she can be safe,” but because she was taught to be obedient and quiet she doesn’t know how to express her emotions. Ying-Ying is ashamed of how little she disciplined Lena as she realized that she “should have slapped her more often for the disrespect. But now it is too

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