Summary Of At The Gym By Mark Doty

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Beneath the Surface Today’s society is based off an image seen on a magazine cover, body building TV shows, and social media post. Men and women have this misconception on how we should look a certain way when really we should just try and impress ourselves. They say “practice makes perfect” which just shows it doesn’t come over night, so in order to be better we have to work at what we want. In the poem At The Gym written by Mark Doty it talks about how the gym has a deeper meaning to life. It’s more than sweaty faces, treadmills, and weights. People are there for a reason whether it’s to feel good, get something off their chest, or pursuit that perfect physique. For example, magazine covers such as GQ, Flex, Muscle and Fitness shows us how to achieve that perfect body but by looking at a picture doesn’t always improve what we h ave to do. The poem states “ burden they’ve chosen” clearing showing there is something going on in his life that he feels the need to work out, so the burdens he lives with he didn’t choose for himself. That line also shows his mental state and could also be a part of the reason why he’s working out. Men and women have fragile feelings and it does not always show (Doty). The poem states “here is some halo the living made together” which shows he wants to be accepted as one of the group and become a part of everyone else. Doty uses metaphorical statements in his poem which give more of an emphasis of him

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