Race Class and Gender

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WHAT ARE YOU TO DO WHEN LOOKING LIKE YOU DO IS NOT BEAUTIFUL? Beautiful. Everyone wants to look beautiful, but who determines what beautiful is? Being ugly is a problem that everyone fears. Getting under the knife on a surgical table is an answer to the problem. Eating an apple and only an apple, once a day is the other answer to the problem. The problem of not looking beautiful is slowly wiping out the naturally beautiful men and women. What are you to do when looking like you do, is not beautiful? A great amount of people go to this extent because of what influence them the most – parents, boys/girls, lovers, and friends – tell them. Someone who does not have the crease in her eyelids, someone who hates their fat chin, or someone who…show more content…
Declarations like ‘Food is poison and diet Coke is love’ are the reasons why girls that are suppose to weigh 130, are weighing 100. At Spring Break, there are wet T-shirt contests, Mardi gras behaviors; Spring Breaks are becoming more sexualized. Therefore, to get ‘ooo’ and ‘ahh’ from boys who are looking to have sexual contacts, these young and witless girls will lose weight dramatically, even if it cost them their health. After the teen-aged female stated the issue she had with the boy’s album, she states “This just makes me want to lose so much weight and then have those guys see me. I hate boys, I hate my body,” (p490). No-one should feel like this, but unfortunately living in this American society, a lot of people do feel this way. After taking a glimpse of what “Finding My Eye-Dentity”, More and More Young Women Choose Surgical ‘Perfection’”, and “Before Spring Break the Anorexic Challenge” were about, you can see that we are slowly wiping out our naturally beautiful females and males. Parents, girls/boys, lovers, and friends are very influential in our lives. However, how much can we let someone else control the way we look? Beautiful is different and comes in different shape, color, and size. If we continue to place models and actresses/actors on a pedestal, then nothing will change. Women and men will continue to ‘perfect’ their body. Beautiful. Everyone wants to look beautiful,

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