Summary Of Bruce Springsteen's Born To Run

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The 1970’s, filled with unraveling American society and global uncertainty, spawned many of music’s greatest artists. One of these artists was Bruce Springsteen, who has paved the way for the rock genre since his 1975 album, Born to Run. While global issues continued at the hands of politicians, no one quite captured the average Americans issues like Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run. Preformed and composed entirely by Springsteen, with primary producer Jon Landau and incredible accompaniment by the wide-range E Street Band, the album flawlessly depicted normal Americans problems with the decaying American dream and crumbling ideals. Bruce Springsteen, through insightful lyrics and instrumentation, successfully and emotionally showcased common American ideals through his Born to Run album. Before his successful breakout album, Springsteen endured the uncertain and unstable society created in the wake of World War II. The United States, in the midst of Cold War tensions on a global scale, faced domestic challenges as social reform movements protested for natural rights and American troop removal from Vietnam (“Modern America”). On the musical side of American society, deaths of influential artists, such as legendary rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix and blues singer Janis Joplin, and the demise of the 1960s counterculture soured the entrance into the 1970s. Born in a struggling working-class New Jersey in late 1949, Springsteen observed the nature of blue-collar life first-hand through his family, despite the increase of affluent, suburban life (“Springsteen’s Born to Run”). These early life experiences influenced Springsteen’s songwriting themes and provided an escape through music. Although Springsteen had established his musical career before 1975, he had yet to achieve commercial success (“Springsteen, Bruce”). Destined to become the next icon in the rock genre, Columbia Records allowed Springsteen one final attempt to create a profitable record (“Springsteen, Bruce”). Joined by his E Street Band, which included keyboardists Roy Brittan and Danny Federici, bassist Garry Tallent, backup guitarist Steven Van Zandt, drummer Max Weinberg, and 1950’s R&B-influenced saxophonist Clarence Clemons, Springsteen set out to

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