Summary Of Chance Of A Lifetime

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Chance of a lifetime is about some boys who get picked from mostly separate teams to go to the Valley Representative team to play in the Junior State Championships. This book is a catchy and intriguing way to learn about rugby union and how some people’s lives are very different. The three main characters are Izzy Folau who is the Valley teams mentor/coach, Sione Taito who is a very good player with some insecurities that put him down sometimes (before getting picked for Valley he played for the Tigers), and Daniel Masters who is equipped with leadership qualities and thinks he should be Valley captain as he was at his team Barton Grammar before getting picked for the Valley Rep team. I like Daniel and Izzy, because Daniel leads by example with his fantastic leadership skills as well as work well in a team, and Izzy is a very good coach with a lot of extremely good advice which improves the Valley team by a long way. This book would definitely be a cracker of a choice if…show more content…
On their way to the Gold Coast the boys talk up a storm about everything but rugby and Daniel is very nice and comforting to Sione when he is having a rough time trying to convince himself that he fits in to the Valley team. Will this good bonding time start off a great friendship or will they have another friendship breakout? If you’re interested, then you should defiantly read this great novel. In summary, I definitely recommend this book to you if you’re like me and are a sucker for all things sport related. I think that this book and the series are suitable for grade 7’s and 8’s. If I were to rate I I would give “Izzy Folau- Chance of a lifetime” by David Harding , a 4.5 out of 5 stars, because I prefer the second book “Reality Check” because it has more fun stuff in it like theme park rides and practice
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