The Importance of Friendship in in Elizabeth Wein’s book, Code Name Verity

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“‘KISS ME, HARDY! Kiss me, QUICK!’ Turned her face away from me to make it easier. And I shot her” (Wein 285), desperately yelled Jullie in Elizabeth Wein’s book, Code Name Verity. Throughout this tale of two female companions in World War II, the theme of friendship was portrayed through the bond between Maddie and Julie, the alliances with those around them, and the events that tie these two together. Firstly, the theme of friendship in the novel was shown through unbreakable bond of the protagonists. They had connected instantly upon working together at Maidsend Airfield in England. Together, the team used Maddie’s directional skills and Julie’s ability to speak multiple languages to navigate a lost airplane (Wein 43). This had been …show more content…

Some of which were created from the beginning. For example, Dympna Wythenshawe was a female pilot that crashed in Stockport, Maddie’s home town, and received help from Maddie (Wein 13). To her express gratitude, she managed to enroll Maddie in flight training and get her involved with Maidsend. With help from Dympna, Maddie was able to begin her career as a pilot. Another official had pulled strings so that she could be where she was as a ATA pilot, as a woman being paid to do a man’s job. Although his name was not mentioned, Maddie referred to him as John Balliol. John was there for Maddie and Julie both. He protected them from punishment, recommended them for higher positions, and even accepted Jamie after Maddie had recruited him. Jamie was Julie’s brother and Maddie’s close friend and fellow pilot. He was there to lend a hand to the two girls whenever he could. While doing so, he welcomed Maddie into the Beaufort-Stuart home at Craig Castle. Throughout the plot, he was there for Maddie when Julie was not. “‘Now stop. You go back to Ormaie and look after Verity.’ I know he is deas sick with worry abour her too and was being brave to make me brave, so I nodded. He wiped my cheeks with his thumbs” (Wein 244). Jamie comforted and supported Maddie while Julie was in the hands of Hamptsturmfuhrer von Linen. In addition to the friends at Maidsend, Anna Engel was yet another one of Maddie’s and Julie’s companions. Anna was

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