Summary Of Fleur's Journey: A Fictional Narrative

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The next morning, Percival woke with a start, realizing Rion still needed to pack for his trip. He shot out of bed and shook Rion awake.

"Rion, hurry, you'll need all sorts of things for your trip. Your bedroll, waterskin, clothes, provisions… We haven't much time."

With a yawn and a lazy stretch, Rion clambered out of bed and yanked a traveling satchel from beneath his writing desk. "It's all here. Fleur helped me pack yesterday. She made sure I had extra apples and goat jerky. And she told me to make sure I changed my drawers."

Percival relaxed. "In that case, let's get dressed and see you on your way."

Rion rushed through his morning routine and insisted he would break the fast with his friends before they set off for the Darkling Woods …show more content…

No, this was impossible. This had to be a misunderstanding. Fleur would not leave him, she wouldn't. Just yesterday she told him how much she loved him. There was another explanation for this.

He stared at the rings in his hand, then back at the parchment, absorbing the bitter truth. It was over. Fleur had left him. But how could she do this without telling him why? That was it? Forgive me? She had nothing more to say? He grabbed up Rion's letter. It wasn't right, but Percival needed to read what was inside; he might go mad if he did not.

Dear Rion,

I am afraid I must go away for a time. I cannot say how long I will be gone, but I promise you I will return, and the moment I do, you will be the first person with whom I spend time. You are the son of my heart and I love you very much. I will be thinking of you every day.



Percival folded the letter carefully and placed it on Rion's bed. Calm. He needed to remain calm. But how was that possible when his heart felt as if it had been cut from his chest and stomped on? How could Fleur write such loving words to Rion and leave Percival with nothing more than Forgive me. I must go? And how long would she be gone? A week? Six months? Was she lying about returning? Had she written those words to delay Rion's pain? No, Percival knew Fleur better than that, or at least he thought he

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