Summary Of Flight Patterns By Zora Neale Hurston

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Their experiences both have a similar tone with having their race not identify who they are. Rather they want to pave their own identities; to be known not for their race but the qualities they possess. In a world where race is a big issue but is avoided at all cost because of the discomfort. These authors bring up this issue front and center and put it in their own perceptive. Sherman Alexie tells his story in a fiction way while Zora Neale Hurston goes the nonfiction route.
“How it feels to be colored me,” by Zora Neale Hurston deals with a personal narrative of a black woman dealing with her race and who she is as an individual. She’s an American folk writer, who influenced many future writers. (Rigolino) She was greatly influenced by
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As he worries of the what if he takes a cab to the airport and encounters a man of many struggles. They discuss hard questions and share their personal life to each other. As the ride ends William the main character is left with an impact. Firstly, the main character wants to be a well-rounded character. He states that he wants to have America’s small historical facts.(Alexie103) He wants to have his ancestors history and that of the United States and not having to conform to one or another. This represents the struggle many people of color face; the feeling of being stuck between two worlds. Yet you are seen as not being loyal to one or another. William often puts himself into a box, he stereotypes himself and those around him. “A black man with a violent history, William thought and immediately reprimanded himself from profiling the driver.”(Alexie114) He himself doesn’t want to be perceived one way but he naturally does it also. This suggest that we as human beings are naturally designed to do this to ourselves and others. The final point is that we are all part of a tribe in some sort of way. Whether it be an Indian tribe or just part of people with similar backgrounds.(Alexie119) This shows that we all are a part of something bigger, we all have groups of people we regularly surround ourselves
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