Summary Of Fred Harrison 's Life

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Summary Fred Harrison is a 45-year-old man who started as a grunt worker at the cell phone corporation Cell4U, grabbing the coffee and delivering mail and moved his way up to the manager of Cell4U in approximately 20 years. He got free phones, great plans and a lot of deals because of company benefits. He lived a light sedentary lifestyle when it came to exercise, most of his exercise came from walking up and down the stairs and hallways at work, checking on employees. He was the cheesy guy that you would see in the hallway, always trying to encourage his employees. Unfortunately, in the past few months, he has been having some troubles at home with his children (trouble in school, bullying, attitude) and he seems to be taking it to work with him. He has not been confident in what he says or does because he is always in self-doubt. Within the last few months, there were some changes from the CEOs that came into place. This changes frustrated the workers including Fred Harrison; everyone did not want to come into work, they did not want to cooperate with the rules which was causing tension between the hard workers and the workers who were complacent about being there. Fred was negatively impacting his employees but once he noticed that how he was acting, he realized that he needed to change his ways. He needed to figure out new and exciting ways that he can motivate himself and his employees and they can enjoy each others company and ways to figure out conflict. He is…
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