Summary Of Gerald Graff's 'Hidden Intellectualism'

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Although many people would agree that Intellectuals are those who stand out academically, Gerald Graff would think otherwise. "Hidden Intellectualism" is an essay written by Gerald Graff, where he shares his beliefs about how the educational system is failing to tap those who are doing academically poor, yet resembles great potential of intellectualism when it comes to their passion or interest. Along with this beliefs Patch Adams is a movie based on a real story, where Hunter Adams (Patch) who admitted himself on a Psychiatric hospital after trying to commit suicide tries to redeem himself. After spending a few months in the Psychiatric hospital. Hunter found himself being hopeless by pills and his counselor. It wasn't until one night he helped his roommate to conquer his fear, by creating a humor game so he can laugh about his own fears. After that night he realized that he felt extremely happy helping his roommate that he developed a passion for it, decides to leave, and go into medical school. However, being in a medical school required a lot of focused, attention, and memorization, something that Patch didn’t do. For Patch being a doctor required more than just learning and following rules of a book. His belief was to treat patients in a humanistic way not, comply by the rules of a book.
Gerald Graff's argues that “thinking outside the box” can also be the new intellectual, which is supported by the movie Patch Adams by questioning whether the educational system is in a

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