Summary Of Gonad The Barbarian And The Venus Flytrap

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Anne McClintock’s “Gonad the Barbarian and the Venus Flytrap”, focuses a lot of attention on how from the beginning of history, women have been denied some of the basic rights and freedoms that have been essential to the way that men live. Starting back from the times where they couldn’t vote and when women were basically seen as property when wedded. Women today and even in the earlier days could not express their sexuality and could not show that they were sexual beings. Anne McClintock gives the idea that women should be able to have the things that men have and they should be able to express it in the same way as men. In this essay, I will analyze how Anne McClintock views pornography as a form of pleasure that is mostly consumed by men and how women are incorporated into the employment of the industry and even in the home setting. Anne McClintock first talks about how women’s sexuality has always been suppressed in many cultures and societies around the world. There is a huge focus on making sure that men are taken care of sexually and that they are able to go out and show their sexuality and not be ashamed of it. Men are able to enjoy pornography and not feel guilty about enjoying it because it is apart of their nature. Everyone knows that men masturbate and they are not really shy with talking about it but when it comes to women it a foreign topic that if talked about makes you seem to promiscuous.
Anne McClintock shares her story of how she leaves South Africa and

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