Summary Of In Praise Of The F Word By Mary Sherry

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Mary Sherry is the author of an article called “In Praise of The F Word”. Before I get into the article there are a couple things to know about Mary. She teaches an adult literacy program, and is a writer who owns her own publishing company. The subjects she teaches in her program are basic grammar, and writing. In her classes she has adults that have either graduated or have not graduated and need to learn skills that they should have learned in high school. This reading will open a door to a different side of the educational system.
The article says that many high school students get their diplomas. But not all graduates are academically ready for the real world. Also, that when they go to get a job it is difficult because they were just passed on at school and didn’t earn their diploma rightfully. Throughout the reading Mary’s views change on this topic. She feels that teachers should use a certain tool to make sure students who graduate, earn and work for their diplomas.
The “F” word stands for Failure. Failure is when kids don’t work to pass a class. The article talks about how teachers should use failure as a tool in the class to gain students’ attention. Teachers normally don’t threaten to fail students, but if they did then students would be motivated to get their work done on time. In my opinion, the teachers should use this tool to keep the class on track omit they are more than likely not to fail.
Since Mary is a teacher herself, she has heard students say

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