Summary Of ' Jane Goodall 's Memoir With Phillip Berman, Reason For Hope

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Coming to Terms in Faith Jane Goodall’s memoir with Phillip Berman, Reason for Hope talks about how a women’s journey to come to terms with faith through the experiences in Tanzania. Her journey toward this goal started from her religious childhood, which led her with chimpanzees at the Gombe Forest in Tanzania. By believing in her faith into traveling to Tanzania, Jane saw the good in chimpanzees and humans and developed faith in them. When Jane was growing up, she grew up in a religious family. From that she always been fascinated to become a “martyr,” (Goodall 126) which is when a person chooses to die instead of denying a strongly held belief. During World War II, she hated Joseph Stalin because he was controlling the communist country of Russia. She wanted to support the Christians that are in Russia. Jane explains in her memoir Reasons for Hope, “This daydreaming made me come to terms with human brutality, suffering, courage idealism and even faith.” (Goodall 26). This childhood dream of being in the star role helped her forget her worries about what she is going to do in the future. This is amazing for Jane because not many people at her age that have the courage to step up for what they believe that is right. Although Ms. Goodall realized the human brutality and suffering of humanity that also included faith, this knowledge benefited her when she set foot in the African continent of Tanzania. When Jane Goodall arrived in the Gombe Forest in Tanzania, she was

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