The Forest Of Gombe By Jane Goodall

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Before science is introduced to the human society, people always use religious beliefs to describe the mysterious phenomenon. However, as science becomes advanced, people gradually lost in the relationship between it and religious beliefs. In the essay “In the Forest of Gombe”, Jane Goodall spends long time with chimpanzees in the forests to recover from her husband’s death. During this period, she learns new ideas from the chimps and finds herself back, and understands the complicated relationship between scientific ideas and religious beliefs. Thus, to uncover peace, people have to understand themselves first instead of focusing on problems permanently. People have the space to understand themselves when stay with animals, and learn many meaningful ideas from them. When people lost their families, they cannot accept it because they rarely face this kind of situations. Before her husband passes away, Goodall believes in god. However, after losing her husband, Goodall angry at the “unjustness” and starts to reject the god. To seek for healing, she decides to go to the forest and stay with chimpanzees in Gombe. However, in the forest, animals deal with death in a totally different way. Dead body can be finding everywhere and death is happening at all times. Thus, animals treat it normally. As Goodall says, “And always there are the young ones to carry on the life of the species”(146). Although old ones will passes away when they are old, but young ones are growing up and
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