Summary Of Jfk's Inaugural Address

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Annette Jensen
Mrs. McGovern
4 September 2014

The subject is the future of America, and the world working together finding peace as we grow. JFK calls to action his audience questioning if we will stand together and, “lead the land we love”. More specifically his main focus is the importance of understanding our power, and the responsibility to use it “for the greater good”
The occasion is JFK’s inauguration on the morning of January 20, 1961. With the sudden vast growth of technology, emphasis on military, along with the specifically unaddressed issues of civil rights or cold war, JFK reassures his audience indirectly about these current issues.
JFK’s inaugural address included a very diverse audience. The nervous americans questioning the ability for such a young man to govern our country. And also, the citizens of the world, which JFK actually addresses in his speech numerous times.
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He wanted to reassure America of his capability to lead, while also showing he was just as equal as them. To gain the confidence of America he brought a great spirit of hope, inspiring them to become active participants in thier community.
The new, inexperienced, youngest president in our history reassuring America.
The tone of JFK’s speech is reassuring and inspirational. Kennedy's diction along with many imperative sentences instills a high spirited feeling in the reader, while becoming very personal. Through the use of parallelisms and anaphoras Kennedy arrives as a confident president while constantly questioning the reader what he or she is or can be doing to for the peace of our word. By remaining extremely inspirational Kennedy is able to demand from the reader in a very personal uplifting

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