Summary Of ' Kill A Mockingbird '

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Ryan Saunderson
Mr. Chishty
Eng/LA 9
12 February 2017

To Kill A Mockingbird Questions

1 Describe each of the following members of the Finch family: (a) Atticus, (b) Scout, (c) Jem, (d) Calpurnia.

Atticus- Scout and Jem’s father. Atticus is a widowed lawyer in Maycomb County that comes from a family that has always lived in the area. Atticus seems to be a very progressive person, has a dry sense of humor.
Scout- Jean Louise Finch, or “Scout”, is very intelligent as she knows how to read and write at 6 years old. Scout acts like a boy relative to the standards of society in the setting of the book and she is very analytical of what is happening around her.
Jem- Jeremy Atticus Finch is the classic American boy. He is extremely adventurous …show more content…

4 What do we learn about the Cunninghams? The Cunninghams are very poor but they have great pride. It is evidenced that they attempt to make the best of what they have by the fact that Walter has no shoes but his overalls have been mended and his shirt had been washed. The pride of the family is displayed by Walter’s actions during lunch. He is too proud to admit to Miss Caroline that he has no lunch and when Miss Caroline asks if he forgot his lunch, he chooses not to answer. This shows that Walter had been taught better than to lie to adults. Finally, when Miss Caroline tries to lend Walter a quarter for lunch, he does not take it, knowing that his family would not be able to pay Miss Caroline back.
5 What are the really important things that Scout learned at school on her first day? Scout learns many things about Miss Caroline, her teacher, while also learning an extremely important lesson from Atticus. On her first day of school, Scout is displeased with Miss Caroline as a result of several interactions between the two, ranging from Miss Caroline becoming upset with Scout’s ability to read and write to Miss Caroline’s wrist slapping punishment to Scout for trying to help a situation that arises during lunch. From all of these interactions, Scout learns of Miss Caroline’s beliefs that teaching should only be done by teachers, that cursive writing should not be learned until much later than the first grade, and

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