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Wendy Nguyen
Psy-B 201
Book Reflection
Left Neglected Book Reflection
At the beginning of this novel, we were introduced to Sarah Nickerson, a Harvard graduate, with a good paying job as the vice president of Human Resource at Berkeley Consulting, three kids, and a sweet husband. However, she was career-driven and dedicated to her job to afford to live in Welmont and to be able to take care of the family as her husband is trying to survive the second round of lay off at his work. However I noticed that this job put a lot of stress and strain on her and her family, as she didn’t get to spend a lot of times with her kids or husband. In the morning on Friday, she would get her kids ready for school but her and her husband would rock, paper, scissor on who would take the kid to school and when she didn’t have to, she was pretty happy. The day of the accident was when she didn’t have to take her kids. As she was trying to make a phone call, she crashed and ended up in the hospital for eight days. I like how this book go into details of her life before the accident and then illustrates her life afterward.
When she woke up, the doctor told her that she had “depressed skull fracture and some bleeding in her brain” so they did neurosurgery right away to drain it. However, when he said she lost some “real estate”, I got confused. I assumed he meant her brain part but is that what he meant? He said that it was on the right side and that’s when I guessed why the

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