Summary Of ' Lord Of The Flies '

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A little less than a year ago I sat in my family room furiously working on an English paper about Lord of the Flies. It was Monday night and my paper was due the next day. The only noise you could here was the sound of my computer’s keys clicking away. Around nine thirtyish I hung up from saying goodnight to my Dad. He was across the state at work and had an early morning the next day. His intention was to get as much work in before he came home that Wednesday. My mother and sister, Breanne, had left for Lignano Sabiadoro, Italy the day before. Breanne was competing with the twirling group she is a part of in the world competition. My father and I along with my grandparents on my mom’s side were expected to fly out on Thursday to join them. The plan was to see the competition results then spend Easter there. After that we would spend an extra week in France and London. But until then I had to focus on finishing up all of my school work. Naturally, all of my classes either had tests or papers due before break. The Lord of the Flies paper was at the top of my list to get done. I remember being proud of my work as I plowed through it. Then I saw my phone light up and my dad’s contact scroll across the screen. A hesitant thought quickly crossed my mind as I picked up the phone. After all it was almost an hour after he had called to say goodnight. No matter, I picked it up and eagerly said hello. I was excited because I was nearly done with the paper and wanted to share it with

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