Summary Of ' Lorraine Hansberry '

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Lorraine Hansberry, born May 19, 1930, made a very prominent contribution to society in her short lived life. She was born to a middle class family as the youngest of four children. Her father was a successful real estate broker who also founded one of the first Negro banks in Chicago (Adams 247). Lorraine’s mother was a schoolteacher named Nannie Perry who later became a ward committeewoman.
In 1938, Lorraine’s father took a stand against the real estate covenants in Chicago due to the fact that they legally promoted housing discrimination. He chose to move his family into a predominantly white neighborhood to prove his point and try to make a change. The court case that resulted from this stand led to a lot of hostility from those around the Hansberry family. There was a violent attack on the family’s home by a mob who threw bricks into the house while shouting. Even with this reaction to the Hansberrys moving into the neighborhood, the family decided to stay to stand their ground. The court case went all the way to the federal Supreme Court where the ruling was that this kind of discrimination was unlawful. However, Chicago continued restrictive covenants anyways and eventually the Hansberry family was forced to move out of the neighborhood (“Lorraine Hansberry” Gale).
Due to the Hansberry family’s middle class status and the career choices of both of her parents, Lorraine was exposed to many prominent African American political and cultural figures who she became well

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