Summary Of Love Triangles In The Knight's Tale

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If you want to end a love triangle, then either make it a line or a square.

Courtly love is simply a knight flirting with a nobleman’s wife or vice versa. But in this story, it is two men flirting the same person. This obviously destroys the relationship between the two flirtatious competitors, which is what happened in “The Knight’s Tale”. They are prisoners of war, and locked in a tower for eternity. When they see a beautiful woman, they both fall in love, escape, and fight each other for her hand.
Palamon and Arcite are locked in a tower in athens by Theseus after surviving a battle. They are fairly close cousins, but when both see a beautiful woman, Emily, in a nearby garden, they immediately fall in love. Since love triangles never work, the cousins are blood thirsty for each other and try to kill each other. They eventually find themselves in an arena ready to fight for the hand of Emily, winner takes all. Each person prays to and gets the help of a certain god. The three main gods in this text are venus, the god of fertility, mars, the god of war, and Diana, the god of chastity. Venus helped Palamon, Mars helped Arcite, and Diana helped Emily. Venus and her temple are significant in this story because she is the goddess of love and sex. This story deals with the different connections of the flirters and the flirted.
In this Quote, the Narrator, the knight, is describing the temple of Venus in the arena.
First, in the fame of Venus, one might see, Wrought on the

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