Summary Of Marie Lu's Prodigy

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The way a person acts or thinks everyday may be influenced in many ways,such as the setting.Settings could be a big impact to a character just as much as a small impact.For example, in Marie Lu’s Prodigy demonstrated the powerful effect the setting could make on a character, especially in the most important setting in the book, the Republic. In the beginning of Prodigy, the main characters, June and Day, are in a military city,las vegas. They felt scared, cautious and very aware. But why would normal people feel scared in las Vegas? Well, setting may have a role in this. June and Day are the most wanted criminals of the country, so they have to be careful not to draw attention to themselves. So, they felt intimidated by the offers patrolling the streets and the risk of getting caught.The text states, “ Troops make their way up and down the street… This is a military city, a world of soldiers...Day shakes his head slowly.He looks unsettlingly pale”(8). This illustrated that the setting, las vegas, affected the characters. Las Vegas made Day feel uncomfortable. This setting also made June think about the past few weeks of her life. The author writes, “Vegas is the worst possible city for us to wander into by ourselves… I'm a criminal now, I’ll never be able to go back to the comforts of my old life. The thought leaves a sick, empty feeling in my stomach, as if I miss being the Republic’s darling. Maybe i do”(7).To reexamine, Vegas influenced June to reassess the last few
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