Summary Of Natchwey : The Catastrophist

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Natchwey Vision of Beauty In his Pictures In the essay “James Natchwey: The Catastrophist” by Susi Linfield, the reader acknowledges the views that Linfield offers and the criticisms that were against Natchwey’s photographs. Throughout the essay, the images that were taken by Natchwey were vividly described and she discusses how overwhelming his pictures are, but they are significant. Even if the images are difficult to look at and, most likely people will not want to look at them, there is something about the pictures that makes the viewers want to look at them. Natchwey’s images about war are powerful and they tell stories that language cannot describe. However, some categorize Natchwey’s personality as someone who does not care about the people in the picture because his photos represent people who are suffering, but only cares about the art of it. One critic describes Natchwey as a “heartless opportunits” that “find it hard to understand how anyone can think either about composition or style when they are in the middle of a war situation, among physically and mentally dying and murdered people”(Linfield 210).That is when Linfield asks the question: “Does the poetry of Natchwey vision overwhelm the prose of his subjects’ distress?” (Linfield 211). Does it overcome the reality? are his pictures immoral because critics characterize him as sadist? Through her essay, Linfield acknowledges the beauty that comes out in Natchwey pictures. She acknowledges the qualities of

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