Summary Of Plato'sThe Prince And Machiavelli

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In the works, The Prince, Crito, and Apology there is a common theme of rebirth. The Prince was written by Machiavelli during a time of uncertainty, political fragmentation, and violence. Plato wrote about Socrates who lived in a similar time of war and political transition. The Prince acts as a guide to prevent future turmoil. Both authors are very passionate about government and want to aid in the rebirth of a strong stable government. The Prince was written towards the Medici’s after they were responsible for rebuilding parts of Italy that were separate states at the time. Many people think that this work was satirical, and I believe Socrates would agree with the controversy surrounding The Prince. Socrates would ultimately disagree with a lot of what Machiavelli states. In the works, both Socrates and Machiavelli provide a different concept for what they believe will be best for the interest of building a strong reliable government that can withstand future war and still maintain a stable government in the aftermath of war. Although there are similar concepts in mind, Socrates would not approve of Machiavelli’s concept of a prince. In other words, the Prince would lead to a political system of which Socrates would not be supportive. Machiavelli’s premise believed that power was the most valuable asset any government or leader could possess and should rather have the citizens fear them over being loved. Knowing that men are immoral further supports his claims that

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