Summary Of Purple Bathing Suit By Louise Gluck

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In Purple Bathing Suit poem, Louise Gluck develops a difference between needing someone even if they are not perfect in their eyes and being unsatisfying staying in a relationship can be. There were a few things in Gluck’s poem that made it fascinating, such as the individuality related to gender, the level of love/hate relationships, and the truth of realizing that real reason you stay. Knowing that this fit effortlessly into the manner of this poem, where the speaker is in the inner confusion trying to figure out their next move in the relationship, while it does not seem very hopeful as the lines states, “I would like to see you walk off the face of the earth because you all that’s wrong with my life” (L 20). When I first read "Purple Bathing Suit", I perceived a husband addressing his wife. But then I went on to read and analyze the poem and was surprised to find the speaker described as a woman viewing her lover weed the garden. I wasn't certain if the subject was a spouse or lover, but I felt certain that the speaker was male. But, I see no more reason for thinking that the speaker is male than for thinking the speaker is female. I think individuality such as how one feels about themselves and talking as they saw their own reflection in a mirror matters in this poem which is all about a relationship and uncertainty. “You might give some thought to that mouth."(L 3) This is the way that a parent speaks to a naughty child. "How many times

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