Summary Of Richard Rodriguez's The Achievement Of Desire

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Over course of their education, students quickly adapt into the frame of mind that will allow them to find success through their educational career. Beginning very simply, assignments must be in on time, and in addition, they must be perfect, because we know that perfection leads to an ‘A,’ and an ‘A’ is equivalent to superiority. This is the only way to find success in a system that so encourages competition. With this, however, also comes severe pressure that weighs down on students like a few dozen anchors, keeping them from drifting one way or another. The options for the struggling student are not often to try harder, but with the increasing disapproval, they are to give up because they are not going to amount to much more. Their grades pinpoint them as expendable beings, unintelligent, and all they do is impair the schooling system. Their childhood dream of being a teacher is eradicated by this simple progression of discouragement. Richard Rodriguez, in his essay entitled The Achievement of Desire, also acknowledges the factory he’s been run through, and the negative way that it has affected his development in life. He speaks of the detachment from his home life, which he believes to have been the direct result of both education’s intensity, and to his essay’s namesake, the desire to achieve. As it is, school will only allow us to thrive upon predetermined thoughts and ideas, ensuring that we disregard the freedom to achieve a success more abstract than what can be

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