Summary Of The Beast Revealed

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The Beast Revealed In the novel Lord of The Flies, written by William Golding talks about a group of boys who survived a plane crash and were stranded on an island where there are no adults and have to learn to survive or try to get rescued. Throughout the book the boys are being faced with numerous fears on the island. The boys are exposed to all the dangers on this island one of them is the beast. The kids are afraid of this beast and become more and more savages through everything that has happened to them. The kids are frightened of this beast. The beast represents terror, evil, and darkness. As the boys hunt for this beast they release some type of animal behavior. In the Lord of The Flies, the kids are afraid of the unknown beast and do not realize the beast is themselves; this essay will prove that the beast is themselves because everyone in this island shows savagery, cruelty, unfairness. In the beginning of this novel one of the older boys of the group named Ralph and Piggy find a conch shell. Ralph blows this not knowing that a group of children will gather around him. With the group of children they have one of the oldest boys as a leader his name is Jack Merridew. The children decide that since Ralph was the one that gather them all together, he should be the leader. Jack the other older kid on this island does not like this idea because he wants to be the leader and be more superior than Ralph. After this the book shows more signs of savagery because Jack

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