Summary Of The Book 'A Thousand Splendid Suns'

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1. An individual should follow his/her conscience above all else.

In A Thousand Splendid Suns there are several moments when either Mariam or Laila were forced to follow what were thinking over what anyone else thought was the correct thing to do. On page 241 Rasheed raised his belt and came at Mariam, but astonishing Laila grabbed his arm and slowed Rasheeds progress. Laila knew that she could have been beaten herself for stopping Rasheed, that did not stop her from following her conscience to do what she thought was the correct thing to do. Page 27 Mariam's mom, Nana said that if Mariam were to leave her she would kill herself. Though Nana said that Mariam went with what she thought best, though the worst had came from her decision. In
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Pages 70-71, Rasheed is telling Mariam on his point of view, saying that he thinks women should wear a burqa and that they should always have their husband with them when she is walking the streets. I don't agree with his idea, but this part in the book does show that some people believe that there are limits on individuals freedom. Page 72 is when Rasheed makes Mariam put on the burqa to walk around the city with him. This proves that rasheed agrees that women don't have equal rights as men and that there are limits to individuals freedom. Rasheed proves that women don't have the same freedom as men several time in this book.

11. The accumulation of power and money inevitably leads to a loss of spirituality.

In A Thousand Splendid suns Jalil leads himself to a loss of spirituality.
Pages 45- 50 Jalil's wives kick out Mariam and make her get married. The only reason Jalil kicked her out was because his wives did not want her there and the only reason he has all those wives is because he is rich and has money, if he only had one wife I guarantee he would have let her stay. On page 253 Laila and Mariam are talking about raids that become a ritual, and how women are getting raped and killed daily. This shows how the Taliban did that stuff to gain power from the people and other Taliban members. Both
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