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Charles, R. I. (2002). Math. Glenview, IL: Scott Foresman Addison Wesley. This book is a teacher edition and it discusses how you can teach math lessons. This book is volume 1 and it has 6 chapters those include: Numbers to 12 and Graphing, Addition and Subtraction Readiness, Addition and Subtraction Concepts, Facts and Strategies to 12, Geometry and Fractions, and More Fact Strategies. This books provides examples of how you can incorporate technology and assess students.

Contestable, J. W. (1995). Number power. a cooperative approach to mathematics and social development. Menlo Park, CA: Innovative Learning Publications, Addison-Wesley Pub. Co. This book has activities that focus on including math and social development together to …show more content…

Chicago, IL: Everyday Learning Corporation. This book is a teacher 's manual that correlates with the math workbook that is written above. It provides additional math lessons and describes how partner and small group cen benefit student learning. It also uses geometric shapes like that having students the draw a circle or square around certain objects.

Breyfogle, L., & Lynch, C. (2010). Van Hiele Revisited. Mathematics Teaching in the Middle
School, 16. doi:10.1075/
This article provides a description, example, and a teacher activity of all the 5 Van Hiele levels. The more experience children have with the levels the better they can develop and move on to the next level. Teacher need to monitor student progress so they can provide adequate instruction to move on.

Mason, M. (1992). The van Hiele Levels of Geometric Understanding. Professional
Handbook for Teachers. doi:10.1107/s0108768104025947/bm5015sup1.cif
This article discusses frequently asked questions about the Van Hiele levels which is great for teachers and parents. For example, it describes that students can’t skip levels because they have to understand the previous one in order to move on. Progress is determined by educational experiences rather than age. Geometry Content taught at grade level:

Iowa Core. (2008). Retrieved April 07, 2017, from This shows all the Iowa Core standards and it states specifically what the

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