Summary Of The Catcher In The Rye

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Set, Hike the play began and Will went out for the pass did an eight yard hitch, WOOF the ball left the QB’s hand and landed right in the hands of Will in the end zone. SCORE the touchdown is good. After the play and being congratulated he felt something vibrating in his pocket. Will is nice rebellious but yet respectful man he is tan and well built and loves to work out with his friends. So acting normal and all he grabbed his phone and realized it was his dad who rarely calls him the only reason would be if something went wrong and someone died or he just wanted to talk to him. When he answered the phone he said “Hey Dad...” When he didn’t hear an answer he almost hung up but all of a sudden heard the voice of his grandpa Steve talking…show more content…
Bill (the dad) was the first one to get the fish in and his was a thirty seven point six pound and is about eighteen point eight pounds which is a big fish for a Pike. His grandpa got it in a few minutes later and was mad because it was a small but extremely powerful baby Musky. After a while they went in for lunch from the boredom of not catching much. When they got in the place was almost to deserted but that was no surprise. They went back out after lunch and there spot was still empty good thing for that. They were in there spot and fishing and all of a sudden Will had a huge strike and he jerked and the fish ran like he never felt before. He was reeling but more line seemed to be going out than in it was like a leaking water bottle that just kept going. Finally the fish lost some energy and Will was able to reel in but right at the boat the thing took off again. It took him seven minutes to get the fish in and that was when they found a forty one pound beast at the end of the line. After they got that fish in they moved spots and all of a sudden Brandon got a big strike. When they got that fish in it was another beast a thirty three pound monster. His dad got one not to long after a musky that weighed thirty seven pounds. His grandpa had the biggest catch though even though it didn’t weigh the most it was the most beautiful fish caught. It was a freshwater angelfish. It was a cool fish that is extremely rare to catch and it was one that they could show and immediately win. After all those fish nobody in their boat got another one. That night though they were gonna have a wonderful time winning a boat. When they had weighed in all there fish they had the most weight and the rarest fish and they were almost ahead by fifty
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