Summary Of The Drama Of Girish Karnad

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Before the violence came to its full swing, the dramatist prepares the ground for th prevailing tension. The meeting between king Bijjala and Basavanna ended in fiasco with regard to any solution between them as Bijjala asked him to leave Kalyan. Basavanna finally leaves Kalyana and comes to Kappadi of the meeting rivers. Jagadeva is stirred by the message of Basvanna for waging war against the social injustice and the violence breaks out in the city of Kalyan. Jagadeva comes to the place of Bijjala and kills him and he also commits suicide. The last scene of the play brings forth the wrath of the orthodox people of high caste and thus the drama of Tale-Danada ends in terror and blood shed. The figural coufigurations created the psychic turmoil which helped one political party during 1989 while this monolithic unity of Hinduism brought onslaught to another. Aparna Dharwadkar in her introduction to The collected Plays of Girish Karnad analyses the signs and signifiers of subtle political system that encountered the ideologies of two political movement in 1989: Mandir and Mandal:
The Mandals commissions’s recommendations underscored the rituals divisions and economic inequalities within mainstream of Hindu society; in direct negation of this fragmentation, Advani’s identity for Hinduism, reimagine India as a unified Hindu nation, and inflame collective sentiment against the largest group of religious others, the Muslims. In actuality, in both inter-religious and

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