Disadvantages Of Caste System Essay

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Supreme. Later on those who were of pious nature, who followed virtues without vices, who led a simple, virtuous life with high thinking, who were knowledgeable and those who were keen on seeking and imparting that knowledge to others once they obtained that knowledge, and those who studied the ancient Scriptures and who studied and performed rituals as per the norms, and were inclined in performing all forms of worship to various Deities as per tradition (as priest in temples and also as teachers who imparted knowledge to all) for the upkeep of temples and other sacred places and those who were centered in spiritual Saadhanas for attaining the Supreme state and who attained that Supreme state of Godliness or divinity or Brahmanhood and …show more content…

Gradually the profession or activities became hereditary as the profession began to be followed by succeeding generations as it was easy for the father to teach his son his profession. This was the starting point of Caste system that began to be based upon one’s birth in a particular family. However each group had its own advantages and disadvantages. The priest class had to lead a very simple life without craving for worldly pleasures of life; they were supposed to spend the major part of their life or their entire life in the study of scriptures, in teaching and in spiritual practices that were their duties. They were also supposed to follow tradition in every aspect of their life including their appearance and dress code. All these involved strict discipline of body, mind and Spirit in everything that was really difficult especially for youngsters. But they were also given the highest place in society because ancient India always respected learned, knowledgeable ones and men of wisdom. Similarly the Kshatriyas were expected to protect the sovereignty of their Mother land and its people. There was the risk of losing their very lives when they engaged themselves in such acts that was their duty. Their advantage was that they could command others, could become their leaders and administer them on account of their leadership and administrative qualities and they could lead a life full of comforts and luxuries. People had high esteem for such people as they were considered as leaders and protectors of their life and possessions. The Vysyas who were good in business could lead a luxurious life as they could amass wealth through their business. However they had to take risks in business that led to losing their wealth sometimes even totally and especially in olden times they had to travel long distances on foot for the sake of doing business in far off places and as the

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