Summary Of The End Of Frank M Turner

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One of the most prominent cultural and intellectual historian of our time, Frank M. Turner taught a landmark Yale University lecture course on European intellectual history that draws tens of students over the years. His lectures lucid, beautifully written, accessible and delivered with a notable lack of jargon, distilled modern European history from the Enlightenment to the dawn of the twentieth century and conveyed the turbulence of a rapidly changing era in European history through it idea and leading figure. Richard A. Lofthouse, one of Turner's former students, has now become a college edited volume that includes the experience of a great historian in forging the modern European idea. In addition, it offers a good example of how intellectual history should be taught, firmly rooted in the evidence of biography and history.…show more content…
Turner at Yale written by his colleagues and students. it is a brief but intense introduction to the topic of the book cover as the name implies: Rousseau, Nietzsche, Marx, Race, darwin, Nationalism, etc. It is very fun, especially if you have a love for history and politics. There are a lot of background knowledge is implied but even if you do not know much about these people, this is still a nice introduction to their
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