Summary Of The Film Blackfish

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Popular attractions like zoos and aquariums have been a popular tourist hub for countless years. Whether it is feeding the giraffes over the railing or spotting the elephants during feeding time, there are numerous endeavors for human amusement in these types of attractions. However, the lives of the living animals on the other side of the railing or aquarium glass seems to be widely overlooked by the corporations themselves. No matter how intensive the efforts of these companies are to make the exhibits of these wild animals “wild-like”, living in captivity will never add up to a true, natural lifestyle. Any place that is selling souvenir cups with little lion heads on them, or plush dolls of favorite animals in the exhibits, have their ranking of profit and revenue before the health and welfare of their animals. The film Blackfish takes an all-inclusive look into the lucrative company of SeaWorld, and focus’ solely on the capture and treatment of their killer whales, revealing the truths of the poor treatment of these ocean loving creatures. Additionally, Jurassic World is a fictional movie that has an overlying theme of animals raised in captivity, and the uncontrollable traits of wild animals, whether they are captive or wild. By looking at the movies “Blackfish” and “Jurassic World” we can see the business side of animal entertainment corporations are naïve to the welfare of the animals who are having their lives cut short, natural instincts released, and offspring

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